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   Art has always been part of my daily life.

First of all a professor of Floral art,

I was also a mosaicist and painter in my spare time.

But it was in 2008 that I really found my way.

Freshly landed in Madagascar, I discovered and fell under the spell of an aluminum material that I recycle and that I use in my two passions: decoration and jewelry

Passionate about textures, I associate feathers in my creations and train myself in the profession of plumassier.

Little by little, with a lot of work, research, experience and confidence Jardin secret by Céline Comin has made its place on the big island of Madagascar and also around the world.  

JS IMG_7136.jpg

   My story

"I define myself as a free woman, guided by the sweetness of Life,  squall  and storms.

I am an Artist at heart, I chose to play with these gifts to grow and experiment with the material. "

Find your divine light and inner essence and transmit it through artistic activity.

This is what Céline does by creating inspiring works and healing jewels channeled by her energies of Joy, Love, Serenity and Peace (JASP) with earthly and shamanic notes that she transmits in each of her creations.

She will have the art and the material to transmit you her infinite positivism through her works.
From matter to Light ...

Become the alchemist of his life ...

and make his Life a Work of Art.

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